11 Wrongs About Exercise – Maidstone Bootcamp for Women

Exercise – we hear a lot about it. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine truth from fiction so let’s set the record straight and share the truth about exercise. Maidstone boot camp can offer you plenty of benefits

  1. Fiction: There are no benefits to your health.
    Fact: Regular exercise will reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.
  2. Fiction: I will be too tired after I exercise to function.
  3. Fact: Exercise will boost your brain power. Exercise increases serotonin brain, which improves your mental clarity. Research has shown those that are physically active are more productive.
  4. Fiction: Exercise does nothing for stress.
    Fact: Exercise will melt away your stress. Just 30 minutes in the morning can reduce the stress you feel throughout the day. When your strength and stamina are improved, you will accomplish more throughout the day.
  5. Fiction: Finding time to exercise is hard.
    Fact: It takes only 10 minutes at a time 3 times a day to maximize your benefits. Take the stairs; skip rope while you are watching television, park far away at the shopping centre.
  6. Fiction – There is no benefit to your relationships from exercise.
    Fact: Exercise can do wonders for your relationships whether it’s a spouse, friend, or sibling. Partnering up helps to keep you both motivated and it provides a social arena where you share something in common to build upon. It is also an excellent way to provide support for anyone losing weight.
  7. Fiction: There are no benefits to your heart.
    Fact: Your heart will hugely benefit your heart and overall cardiovascular system. Your heart will function more effectively. Your body will quickly adapt and begin to enjoy the benefits of increased energy.
  8. Fiction: I don’t have the energy
    Fact: Exercise will actually boost your energy. You will feel invigorated and look forward to your next workout at Maidstone boot camp, your walk, or whatever you are doing to stay fit.
  9. Fiction: It takes too long to see the benefits
    Fact: After just a couple of weeks, you will notice your clothing fits you differently. You will notice your muscles have more definition, and you will even notice you have more strength.
  10. Fiction: I will still have to watch my calories:
    Fact: You will enjoy weight loss and you will enjoy the ability to be able actually eat more because you have given your metabolism a boost and you are burning your calories differently. Of course, you always have to take in the same amount of calories that you burn if you don’t want to gain weight.
  11. Fiction: I have high blood pressure so exercise is dangerous
    Of course, you should always see your doctor before starting any new exercise regime, but typically you will enjoy many benefits from your Maidstone boot camp workout, which can include a decrease in blood pressure. Exercise is very important to your heart health.

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