4 Steps to Losing Weight in a Healthy and Effective Way

Whether you live in Maidstone or elsewhere, obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, diseases related to being overweight are on the rise, and every day more and more people find themselves struggling to lose those extra pounds. People don’t choose to become overweight or obese, but far too many people can’t seem to lose the weight even when they try their hardest.


Let’s look at 4 steps to losing weight in a healthy and effective manner.

1, Realistic Goals

There’s your dream weight you wish to reach and then your realistic weight loss goals. Make sure you determine a realistic goal! For example, if you decide you want to weigh 135 pounds but you’ve never ever weighed that in your adult life that would be a dream weight. A realistic weight loss goal would be to lose 5 pounds a month. Use tools to determine what your optimum weight is based on your height and age.


2, Make Small Changes

Make small changes over time, otherwise you’ll fail. For example, if you are addicted to soda and you decide to quit cold turkey, you’ll like fail. Instead, set a number of goals over a period of time. You might set a goal to drink only one soda a day for the first week, then the second week set your goal to have only one soda every second day, then the third week you might allow yourself only one soda for the week, and on week four you would give up soda all together. By making small gradual changes, you are much more likely to achieve your “big goal.”

3, Track Everything 

Make sure you track your progress in a journal. Start by writing down your weight every day. It’s best if you do it at the same time – first thing in the morning or just before bed work well. You should also keep a food diary. Keep track of everything you eat or drink. You can keep a journal or you can use one of the many tracking software packages on your computer or one of the many smart phone apps.

4, Cheat!

Let yourself have a cheat day every now and then. It’s not realistic to think you can stick to a strict dietary plan. If you try to you’ll spend your time craving your favourite food all the time. A successful cheat day begins by planning in advance. Decide on the day you’ll have your cheat day and record it in your journal. Then that day you can eat your food(s) of choice. Of course, you shouldn’t be a glutton and stuff yourself because that’s going to undo all the good you’ve accomplished. Your cheat day is a bit of a reward day for you so use it wisely.

Consider asking a friend to be your partner. It’s easier to be successful if you have someone you are accountable to. You and your partner can meet once a week over a coffee, or connect online. You can encourage each other throughout the week. Losing weight can be a challenge. Some find it much harder than others. Why not incorporate Maidstone boot camp as part of your weight loss program to help speed up the process. Just remember – you can achieve anything you set your mind to, with patience.


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