Want To Know What's Really Sabotaging Your Success When IT Comes To Losing Weight And Inches Fast?

What You Get At BootCamp

1st Month of Unlimited Classes and a Free Consultation. 

Our 5 most important factors!

  • How to transform body in 90 days to make sure the fat comes off and stays off.

  • How you can still eat some of the food you love, not feel guilty and continue to lose weight and inches.

  • The tools to change your life and have more energy throughout the day.

  • How to create the body you want, feel perfect and powerful by over coming internal blockages holding you back.

  • How to eliminate the 1 hidden subconscious fear that maybe stopping you from getting the body you want.

Hundreds of women have already come to us with great success, and are happy about the way they look and feel.
This same programme can give you those results.

Why You NEED Boot Camp Instead of Gyms…

Gyms can be a HUGE waste of money! 

Going to the gym by yourself isn’t motivating at all.

How many hours can you spend on a treadmill or the cross-trainer without getting bored?

And when boredom sets in… you stop going.
When you go to the gym… you get NO individual attention and NO help to make sure you stick with the program. 

Once you join… you’re on your own. But with our Women’s Only boot camp… you get personal attention, the most effective workouts. And it’s this personal attention that GETS you results.

The truth is… when you go to a regular gym… they take your money and then let you try and figure things out on your own. 

There’s no personal attention or one-on-one help. With us… you get ALL the personal attention you need to get your results.

So joining our boot camp is an investment that will PAY OFF for you in the long run… by getting you the results you want.

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Some kind words from our members

  • After training twice a week for just over 2 months, I’m amazed to say I have lost 3” off my waist and hips.  I feel healthier and fitter than I have in a long time, with a boost of energy and self confidence.

    Bev., Maidstone

  • I’ve been doing boot camp for about 6 weeks now and it’s fantastic! I came along just before my 40th birthday in order to get fit, get healthier and actually do something for myself for a change. The Instructors are always friendly and each class is totally different, it can be tough but it’s great fun.

    Jo., Maidstone

  • I've been coming to bootcamp for about three months and have drop a dress size, I feel fitter, healthier and my confidence has improved loads.

    Tanya., Sittingbourne

  • I was worried about coming at first because of my age, I've been coming for 2 months now and have lost 4 inches off my waist and 3 of my hips.

    Sally., Maidstone

  • I can definitely notice that my jeans are feeling looser and my muscles in my core, legs and bum are definitely changing and getting stronger...

    Sarah., Maidstone

BootCamp Results Programme

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My name is Lee, I am compelled by a vision to provide simple, fun & challenging workouts and systems to help women like you. 

To not only build their confidence and self esteem, but to also get results fast in a friendly and supportive environment.

I'm determined to fulfil this vision with integrity and in a way that serves our BootCamp Members to get the results they want.

I wouldn't be able to do it all without the help of the amazing support team here and the feed back from our members to which I'm grateful.

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