9 Tips That Will Help You Succeed on Your Fitness Journey

1: Before you start, make a note your weight, your measurements, and take your photos.

It’s important that you stay calm and don’t freak out over what you see.
Day 1 photos & measurements can be upsetting as well as motivational. And, by capturing all of the basic information like how much you weigh, how big your waist is, what you look like in a bikini, that way you’ll establish a starting place. Then, when you take down all this information again (at Bootcamp we usually recommend taking them every 30-60 days) you’ll see how much you’ve changed.

2: Weigh yourself once a week at the same time on the same day, weighing yourself every day is a big No No as your weight changes alot over 24hrs.

3: Eat for teat for the body you wanthe body you want – not the one you have.
If you really want to be miserable and set yourself up for failure, stop eating everything you like to eat. If your food plan is really bad, a lot of stuff you like might have to go.

Fizzy drinks, fried food, very sugary food and coffee drinks…Think of this new journey as a boot camp. You’re training for the body you’ve always wanted.

So feed that body with the food it needs. Lean proteins, complex carbs, and lots of nutrient-packed vegetables.


0112_kitchen_cleaning_rotator4: Get organised in your kitchen and plan your meals.
Waiting until your hungry or that day to figure it out is planning to fail.

You can make it easier to eat healthier because you don’t have to think about it every day. You just grab your breakfast and/or your lunch and go.



5: After every workout there is going be a little bit of tight and sore muscles. Push through the soreness, just don’t push yourself to the point of injury. Whenever starting a new fitness program, you can assume you’re going to be sore for the first two weeks. Even if the soreness doesn’t last that long, it helps your mind get in the right zone. “Soreness is the bodies way of saying thank you” 😉


6: Expect to be a little hungry and maybe a little grumpy to start with. This is a very important time though so be sure not to fall ball back into old bad habits.

7: Follow your workout plan and never miss a workout and if you really have to for what ever reason, get back on it the next day, don’t wait until the beginning of the following week to start again if you miss a workout.


Example Image and not a reflection of what we do at Womens Bootcamp

8: If you go off track get some support to help you get back on program as quick as possible.
It happens to all of us so don’t beat yourself up, feel like you’ve failed, or wait until the next day/week/month to start over. No one is perfect.


9: Surround your self with like minded people, share what you’re doing and find people who will keep you accountable. Most of our Bootcamp ladies friend each other on facebook and post their stories on our page, this really helps to keep you going. With regards to listening to the haters and there will be loads STOP DOING IT. They are doing it because they wish they could do what you’re doing, but haven’t got the motivation to do it.

If you share what you’re doing with those around you, there’s a greater likelihood you’ll succeed because you’re creating a social support system that you’re accountable to. There might be people who pooh-pooh your journey, but ignore them.

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