Bootcamp Member Spotlight On Helen MacGregor

This month sees exciting times for one of our Bootcamp Maidstone  ladies as they start their journey on our Certified Instructor Training to becoming one of our Women’s Bootcamp instructors.

Here is Helens story:-

I’ve always been involved in fitness, completing marathons, triathlons, swim-a-thons for many years now and a few years ago my personal trainer Phil encouraged me to take part in a military style Bootcamp.

In 2001 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was advised by the specialists to slow down. I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy in 2001/2002…..Fatigued and constant sickness thrown in with 2 young children and a marriage break-up only fuelled my determination to carry on with my fitness regime.

I continued with my running and swimming and squeezed a 26.5 mile marathon in between my chemo sessions!!!!

I saw another oncologist who actually said that my on-going fitness was a major contributor the speed and strength of my recovery.

12 years down the line I am still in complete remission!!!!!!!!!!

In December 2011 the military Bootcamp closed down so in the early part of 2012 I enrolled in an Outdoor Bootcamp based in a park.  I was the only woman there!!!!  There was a lot of terrain running involved which is fine, however the guys were so arrogant and didn’t like the idea of a woman being able to do the same if not better than them !!!!!  I was quite often pushed (physically) and decided this really wasn’t the place for me!!!!  I did lose quite a lot of weight and inches however being pushed about wasn’t my idea of fun!!!

I decided to find a Women’s Only Bootcamp  and here I am !!!!!

I had seen the article in the Kent Messenger newspaper about the Maidstone Bootcamp for Women gave them a call and came down on the 29th May 2012 and met with Lee & Lorraine and they were really friendly and supportive to my needs.  I joined on the day and attended my 1st class the very same week!!!!

It was hard at first I will admit!!!! But enjoyed the challenge and most definitely preferred the company to the other bootcamp!!!

I am very proud to say I have never missed a class and have now completed the 1st level and am now a Bootcamp Cadet with 1 star!!!!!

I am aiming to reach Bootcamp Trooper by Christmas 2012 (watch this space)!!!!!

Due to my fitness background I was asked if I would be interested in joining the Certified Instructor Training here and start instructing my own classes…… Really exciting!!!!

It’s not only the exercise that makes this a fantastic position for me, being able to encourage and motivate the women to reach their goals is worth its weight in gold!!!!!

Also to change people’s perception of what fitness is ….you don’t have to be stick thin to be fit ….I am by no means a skinny min…..but line up on the starting line of the marathon with me !!!! Ha ha!!!!

To date I have lost 21lbs and 20.2 inches!!!!!!  I am determined to continue with this progression ……It’s just so nice to have a waistline again!!!

With my wedding booked for May 2013 there’s no way I’m quitting now!!!!!

So if you’re looking for a fun friendly way to shift the lbs. inches and get super fit ……I will see you soon!!!!!

Kim Horton

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