Dieting Can Make You Fatter – Womens Bootcamp in Maidstone

The number one way people think to lose weight is to diet. There are much better options such as Maidstone boot camp. The trouble with your diet is that it can actually lead to weight gain. That’s because when you diet your body’s survival starvation response kicks in. This slows your metabolism which makes it quite impossible to lose weight.

That’s because not only does your body kick in the starvation response it increased the production of LPL which then decreases the fat burning enzymes.  This chemical change ensures that the next time your calories are drastically reduced your body has better fat reserves.  Of course that also means that you’ll put on more pounds.

Let’s look at a real situation.  Jenessa weighs 200 pounds and wants to lose 20 pounds.  Prior to starting her diet she has 18% body fat or 36 pounds of fat and her lean body mass is 164 pounds.  She decides the best way to lose the20 pounds is to go on a diet that restricts her to 1500 calories a day.

Week one results in a 5 pound loss.  Jenessa feels pretty good!  Week two results in a 4 pound loss and weeks 3 to 6 results in a 3 pound loss.  That’s 21 pounds.  Jane continues to loose weight and by the numbers on the scale she’s been quite successful.  But wait lets look a little closer.

After the diet Jane weighs 179 pounds.  Her body fat is reduced to 14.8% and she now only has 26.5 pounds of fat.  Her lean body mass is 152 pounds.  That’ sounds good doesn’t it?  Wrong!

Here weight loss was 21 pounds and of that she lost only 9 pounds of fat.  The other 12 pounds were lean body mass, in other words her muscle.

So if you ignore the numbers on the scale you’ll realize that Jenessa was not successful.  50% of her weight loss was muscle mass which means her metabolic rate decreased so now she will burn fewer calories per day than she did before she started her diet.  Jane’s finished her diet because the scale said she had lost the 20 pounds she aimed for.

Worse, after dieting most people will find their body demands extra calories and most of us a quick to comply. Even if you have the will to return to normal eating with no increase in calorie intake your metabolism has slowed so your body isn’t burning the calories at the same rate as before the diet.  The number of calories you use to eat to maintain your weight now causes you to gain weight.

Within 6 weeks of the diet ending Jane is back to 200 pounds.  But Jane is actually in worse condition than before she started her diet, because now she has less muscle mass and more fat and a slower metabolism.

This is the pattern that almost every dieter experiences.  Euphoria from the initial rapid weight loss, a plateau where the weight does not go down or up dramatically, and then the big bounce back which can be devastating for the ego.  Worse yet your weight starts to climb.

So the next time you get the urge to diet.  Step back! Stop! Don’t do it!  Rather learn the natural process to weight loss and keeping those pounds off, and incorporate a Maidstone boot camp into your life.

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