Louise Lea nee Clancy: BOOTCAMP BRIDE

Every single woman that comes through the door at Womens Bootcamp Maidstone has a “reason” or a “story” for them wanting to find something …… that actually works in their battle against weight loss/inch loss or general fitness levels…….

Here is Louise’s story………….

We asked her a few questions about her whole experience about joining and how her journey has been so far:-

Where did you first hear about the Bootcamp For Women ?

I saw a big banner on the side of The Rose Café in Maidstone that caught my eye.

Were you already thinking of joining a gym or fitness programme…if so did you have a specific reason for this

I had previously been a member at a gym, although I wasn’t really going on a regular basis, I couldn’t really be bothered to go and can’t really motivate myself. I was going to Zumba classes but gradually my friends quit, and as it was quite dance orientated, and I have no co-ordination it made me very self- conscious.

What was the deciding factor that made you call Womens Bootcamp Maidstone?

I didn’t …you called me !!!!! My friend filled in the on-line enquiry form and received a call straight back, she also gave you my number and you called me to come along to look round.  The truth is I needed her to come with me for morale support as I would have been too nervous to come on my own.

Did you have a specific reason for wanting to join a Bootcamp?

Yes I desperately wanted to be a size 12 again….I was at the time a size 16.

What was the initial meeting/introduction like?

It was really good, I remember laughing a lot, I felt very relaxed about it all….after about 5 minutes I didn’t feel at all nervous and realised it was something I wanted to get involved with.

You were heading towards your wedding when you joined, how far away was the “Big Day”?

4 months !!!!!!!!!!!

How did you find the fitness assessment?

I did think it was hard, but I was actually quite shocked …..I was quite a lot fitter than I thought I was!!!!  I wasn’t so shocked at the measurements however on the scales my metabolic age showed as 48!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!  Im 23 Aghhhhhh…..My body fat was 40.1% I knew I didn’t want to be at that percentage and initially wanted 0% body fat……I’ve since then learnt though the nutritional education I get  here …That is also no good !!!!!!!!

So turning up for your 1st class, was it as daunting as you had imagined?

No not at all, I did imagine there was going to be loads of skinny super fit women ….there were a few others there, and they were all so friendly, before this though one of the women had added me as a facebook friend, so I felt kind of already part of the group.

After your 1st class was there support for you ?

Lee called the next day to see if I was ok, how my 1st class was, he left me a voice mail “put down the doughnuts…get your lazy a@@ outta bed” ha ha ha………. I did ring back and Lee talked me through some stretches  to help with “The day after …The class before”

So how much weight/inches or dress sizes had you dropped before your wedding date 7/7/12?

I had gone from a 16 to a 12 on top…..and from a 16 to a 10/12 on the bottom!!!!!  My dress maker was not impressed ha ha ……All of the beads on my bodice had to be removed so it could be taken in by 4 inches and then all sewn back on by hand!!!! But I didn’t care one bit …I was a 12 and that’s where I wanted to be!!!!

You looked amazing on your wedding day ………did you feel better for making such a dramatic change ?

Yes I did, loads better ……..the only thing I didn’t like was the 2 inches I lost from my boobs!!!!! I needed some help on the “Big Day” in that department.

How easy has it been to maintain your “New YOU” figure ?

It has been quite easy to maintain it, I do find myself thinking that its ok to lapse every now and then and over indulge, but then  the staff at Womens Bootcamp remind me of all the hard work I’ve put in and don’t let me slip back into that mind set.

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining Womens Bootcamp Maidstone in the future?

JUST DO IT…….If you need motivation or have a wedding or any big event coming up and want to drop dress sizes……as long as you are committed YOU CAN DO IT…….I DID !!!!!!!

There really isn’t much else to say other than take a look at Louise’s photos, I’m sure you will agree she made a beautiful bride and everyone here wishes her a long and happy married life!!!!!

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