Rising through the ranks at Womens Bootcamp

HUGE congratulations are in order at Womens Bootcamp Maidstone.


Round 1 of testing for cadetship has taken place and our lovely ladies BLASTED  their way through it with all I can describe it as ..Pure grit and determination!!!!  There were some very serious faces going on !!!!! Maidstone Bootcamp styleeeeeee!!!!!!

The ladies had to be put forward by their instructors to take the Cadetship by meeting certain criteria :-

10% weight loss

10%body fat loss

Gain in muscle/bone/water mass

Increased reps or length of time in the General Fitness Test compared to their intial Fitness Test when they 1st joined.

The reason Womens Bootcamp Maidstone has introduced a ranking system is to enable everybody to reach that little bit higher than they thought they would ever ever get… and also to prove that their fitness levels are increasing, their stamina and their strength also!!!

Most people after their 1st session would openly admit “ I thought I was going to die “……To be able to see in inch loss, weight loss and then to be able to complete the “Cadet” testing programme and PASS it…is  massive confidence boost to everyone, instructors included, as we know we are serving our members well by helping then achieve their goals!!!!

I asked one  of the ladies how they felt about being nominated for the “Cadetship” here’s what Scarlett had to say …….

“When I was told  I had been nominated by the Instructors I was really quite excited……I was chuffed that the instructors had been observing me in class, not that I was aware of that, and it felt great to get some recognition for all the hard work id been putting in….I knew I’d worked hard because of the results I’d achieved but to get that noticed  was a HUGE confidence boost!!!!  ………I knew the specialised Cadet testing session would be hard but OMG!!!!

That’s all I’m saying ha ha……A lot of it was partner orientated…which is fab for me coz I do like a chat……but more than that it meant I had someone constantly willing me to push through, when I could have possibly given up  ….and being able to encourage and shout and my partner back when it was her turn felt awesome!

It was a really really hot day and I did honestly think “Im not going to get through this” ……but there is No QUITTING in Bootcamp for WomenI was absolutely thrilled to have passed the testing and am now a fully fledged CADET!!!!!!  Woooooooohooooooo………………..and I got a certificate….which is proudly displayed on my Mums fridge ……haven’t had one of them since school !!!!  Now my Mum moans if I miss a session ……so I have the Bootcamp Leadership team that ring me if I miss class and now my Mum has a pop as well!!!!!”

Morale of the story is …….Womens Bootcamp actually do care that you are turning up to your classes….they do care that you are progressing in your fitness levels and they do care that your goals are reached !!!!!!!!

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