Understanding the Body Fat Test

If you want to understand your weight, the best way to do so is the body fat test. BMI systems are often used but they don’t actually set apart the difference between your lean muscle mass and body fat. Therefore, you are not getting an accurate reading of what your weight should actually be. So let’s start by understanding the body fat test.

If you are ready to lose weight, it is very important that you understand your lean body mass and your body fat. Seeing the number on scale, doesn’t mean you have actually lost fat, and just because it goes up it doesn’t mean you have actually gained fat. Use the body fat test weekly to monitor what your real progress is.

The problem is you could be going to the gym every day and showing no results. Without the proper tools to measure your accomplishments you won’t know where you stand. Your goal is fat loss – nothing else matters.

Stats show that for women the average body fat percentage is 23% and for men is 18%. After the age of 20, you lose six pounds of lean muscle mass every 10 years.

For non-athletic women the optimal body fat ratio is 16%-20% and for non-athletic men it is 10%-15%. It is pretty easy to achieve these ratios, and when you do, you’ll look nice and lean.


There are a few different ways to measure body composition. The standard is the Hydrostatic test. However, with the hydrostatic test you must be placed underwater while you sit in a hanging chair, which has a scale attached to it. Fat floats, and muscle sinks so by using this method the leaner you are the faster you are going to sink. Of course, you can also see why this method isn’t very popular.

BIA or bioelectric impedance analysis is another method that is used to measure body fat through the testing of the body tissues electrical conductivity. Lean body mass has a high water content and so therefore it has a high conductivity. Fat has a low water content and so there fore a low conductivity.


To conduct a BIA test electrodes are attached to the foot and the wrist. Then a low current is passed through your body. The ohms reading tells what your body fat level is. This is a very popular method of testing body fat. There is also a BIA hand grip test that you can buy at your local department store. It’s very effective, and easy to use.

Reducing your body fat isn’t as difficult to accomplish as you might think. Consider participating in a Maidstone women’s boot camp. Before long, you’ll enjoy a lower body fat index and a more lean muscle mass.

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